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Premium Short Track Speed Skating Equipment from Zt Sports Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Zt Sports Short Track, your trusted partner on your thrilling journey of short track speed skating! Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned competitor, we understand the pivotal role of top-tier speed skating equipment in achieving success on the ice. Explore our curated selection of premium short track equipment, all have been manufactured with precision and passion to meet your every need.

The Essence of Premium Short Track Equipment

Durability Meets Performance

Experience the benefits of our selection of premium short track equipment, all are manufactured with high-quality materials to endure the rigors of short track speed skating. Enjoy heat moldable carbon boots and precision blades, a fusion of aerodynamic designs, custom-fitted suits, all aimed at enhancing your speed, stability, and overall performance.

Prioritizing Safety on the Ice

Safety is our paramount concern. Dive into our comprehensive range of mandatory safety gear, including cut-resistant gloves, suits, ankle protectors, helmets, neck knee and shin protectors, and protective eyewear. Each piece is designed to shield you from injuries during a fall or collision, ensuring a secure skating experience.

Why Zt Sports is Your Premier Choice for Short Track speed skating equipment

A Legacy of Quality Sales, Instruction and Expertise

Since 1991, Zt Sports has been a beacon of quality speed skating equipment, importing products and securing partnerships with all the top manufacturers like Bont, EHS, CBC Boots, Evo, Cado Motus, Skate-Tec, Nagano, Norton and Foss stones, Las helmets , Maple, and more, all underscore our commitment to sourcing excellence in speed skating equipment.

Dedicated to Your Skating Success

Our dedication to your skating journey is unwavering. Our user-friendly online store simplifies your shopping experience, offering a diverse array of products with fast and reliable shipping across Canada and the USA. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you will find everything you need to step onto the ice with confidence.

Comprehensive Range for Every Skater

Explore our diverse collection at Zt Sports, featuring everything from high performance blades and heat moldable carbon boots to protective helmets, protective pads, not to forget cut resistant gloves and suits. Each item is carefully sourced to elevate your skating experience and help you fully embrace the thrill of short track speed skating.

Zt Sports is your go-to destination for premium short track speed skating equipment in Canada.

Invest in quality, fuel your passion, and let every skate on the ice reflect your dedication and our commitment to the sport.
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We appreciate your trust in choosing Zt Sports as your partner in short track speed skating equipment.
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