StayBent Soakers for short Track and Long Track Blades

The StayBent Blade Soakers work for both short Track and Long Track Blades.

It is oh so important to keep your blades free of rust and with StayBent Soakers you can do just that! Boasting a highly-absorbent Terry-Cloth interior, you’ll be protecting your blades from corrosion and rust.  Furthermore a Super Thick terry lining, in addition a  REINFORSED TOE and HEAL. All this give these soakers a long life in protecting your blades.

Once the blade (including the mounting hardware, not just the sharp part) is as dry as possible, put on a soaker. That way if any moisture condenses on to the blade, the soaker will wick it away and let the blade stay dry. This is, therefore, how ice skates should be stored for transport after skating.

StayBent Soakers for short Track and Long Track Blades
Available in 2 Sizes,

Small/Medium Fits 12″-16″

Medium/Large. Fits 16.5″-18″

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Stay Bent

StayBent by EHS