Sports Speed 3rd Edition Aspects of Speed

Sports Speed 3rd Edition will help you reach your playing speed potential! As an athlete or coach who knows that faster is better, you’ll appreciate the advice offered in Sports Speed.

With all-new techniques and drills to improve your straight-ahead and multidirectional speed, Sports Speed will help you improve your ability to start, stop, change direction, and accelerate, taking your performance to the next level.

No matter what sport you play or coach, you’ll learn all aspects of speed development, including

-tests and assessment,
-strength base building,
-ballistic and plyometric training,
-speed endurance training,
-running technique,
-footwork drills,
-overspeed training, and
-program planning and periodization.

Photo sequences accompanied by detailed descriptions teach all the fine points of technique. Sample speed training programs for basketball, football, baseball, softball, and soccer can be used as they are or modified to meet specific needs. Charts, tables, and worksheets in each chapter help coaches and athletes understand and apply the material.

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