SKATE-TEC N98 and EVO Krypton

The SKATE-TEC N98 and EVO Krypton is a wonderful package from a great boot and then a great pair of blades, both from the prestigious Skate-Tec company. This package should be on every intermediate skater.

The Krypton T2T 12C27 blade is a mid-range model at Skate-Tec. In addition it is made with a 12C27 steel blade. It is pre-bent and is a blade of choice for beginner and intermediate skaters.  Furthermore few models are offered in this price range.

  • Blade for developing athletes. Good option for clubs
  • Flexible tube allowing a large margin of error at each push
  • Pre-bent
  • Chrome blade with a hardness of 60 HRC / 12C27
  • Aluminium tube
  • Ideal for skaters under +-110lbs.

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