The FOSS SHARPENING STONE made of silicon carbide stone is of excellent quality. The stone has a rough side for sharpening and a smooth side for polishing. A stone suitable for skaters who wish to have a good sharpening result.

Dry usage, no oil or water needed.

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We at Zt Sports, are offering the FOSS SHARPENING STONE, a premium quality sharpening stone made of silicon carbide that is the most popular on the market. This versatile sharpening stone is perfect for sharpening and polishing all types of Speed Skate blades. In addition knives, scissors to tools and blades.

Why is it important to use a premium product like the FOSS SHARPENING STONE?

Using a high-quality sharpening stone ensures that your blades stay sharp for longer and will perform better. The ability to sharpen and polish blades with a single stone also saves you time and money. Additionally, using a high-quality sharpening stone guarantees that you will get a razor-sharp edge every time, providing better performance, safety and longevity to your Blades.


  • Made of silicon carbide for durability
  • Rough side for sharpening, soft side for finishing and polishing
  • Use without oil or water
  • Versatile, it can be used on a variety of blades
  • 5×2.5cm (10x3x1 inch) in size
  • Design and Durability

One of the unique features of this sharpening stone is that it is made of silicon carbide, a premium material known for its durability and ability to provide a fine, sharp edge on blades. The rough side of the stone is perfect for sharpening blades, while the soft side can be used for finishing and polishing, giving you a perfect result every time.

  • Ease of Use

The FOSS SHARPENING STONE is also incredibly easy to use. Unlike traditional sharpening stones that require oil or water, this stone can be used without any additional lubricants, making it a convenient and mess-free option. The stone measures 25×7.5×2.5cm (10x3x1 inch), and it is perfect for both professional and home use.

  • Versatility

In addition another great thing about the FOSS sharpening stone is its versatility.  Equally important it can be used on a variety of blades, from Speed skating Blades, kitchen knives, tools and scissors. This makes it an excellent investment for anyone looking to sharpen and maintain the edge of their blades.

Multi Use

Moreover, it can be used for all types of steel, including carbon and stainless steel, and it’s suitable for both rough grinding and fine honing, making it a versatile stone for all your sharpening needs. Place an order today and start enjoying the benefits of using a premium product for all your sharpening needs!

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Sharpening Tutorial.