DMT DuoSharp DIAMOND STONE 10″ W250 2 sided

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DMT DuoSharp DIAMOND STONE 10" W250 2 sided

DMT Standard Diamond Grits*

DMT Standard Diamond Grits

Total: $249.99
DMT leader in diamond sharpening



The DMT DuoSharp DIAMOND STONE set the bar for all other diamond stones to aspire to.

The sharpener diamond of choice for world class sharpening. 2 sided, 10 “

Real diamond, hardest material known. Reduce sharpening time dramatically, 20 sec instead of 10 minutes!

Most important use water only.  it stays flat, never hollows or grooves, will last for years.

Lastly only light pressure produces keen edge with few strokes.

Furthermore The 10 inch DuoSharp® is the ultimate diamond BENCHSTONES. All of the advantages of the 8″ model, but with 87% more of DMT®’s trademark interrupted polka-dot diamond sharpening surface. Each of these double-sided BENCHSTONES offers over 4 carats of micronized, monocrystalline diamond.

Black – Extra Coarse 220 grit, 60 micron

Blue – Medium 325 grit, 45 micron

Red – Fine 600 grit, 25 micron

Green – Extra Fine, 1200 grit, 9 micron


Black / Blue – W250CXNB

Blue / Red – W250FCNB

Red / Green – W250ENFB

All you needed to know about the USA Made DMT Sharpeners.

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DMT leader in diamond sharpening