Cut Resistant Ankle Cuffs – Double Layer

Our cut resistant ankle cuffs are made with Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. These Cut resistant ankle cuffs come in ONE size and have a cut resistance cut  level 2 EN388. Furthermore this super fiber combined with Polyester and Elastan offer advanced  elastic properties , in addition “Hollow Fiber” Technology, Anti allergic. the X-series cut resistant ankle cuffs conform to ISU regulation 1265. ​More elastic, more comfortable, great fit! For the the Single Layer Ankle cuffs. Here!

Cut Resistant Ankle Cuffs – Double Layer

It’s abbreviated as UHMWPE, which has excellent properties such as high strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, self-lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and so on. It is an ideal material for artificial joint prosthesis, and is also widely used in aviation, medical transplantation, textile industry, paper making and many other fields. There are two production processes: one is the dry spinning process with decalin as solvent by DSM Company of the Netherlands, and the other is the wet spinning process with white oil as solvent by Honeywell Company of the United States. The fiber prepared by dry spinning has the characteristics of “fine denier and high strength, soft feeling, good spin ability and no solvent residue”, etc. The fiber is processed into cut-resistant gloves which have softer handle, better moisture absorption and perspiration effect and comfortable to wear (Wang and Zhang, 2020). The molecular weight of UHMWPE is more than 1 million, which is a kind of milky white powder with linear and high density, its structure is regular and easy to crystallize, the molecular chain in the crystal lattice is a plane zigzag shape, and there are no polar groups in the molecular chain, while its reaction activity is lower than that of PPTA. For this reason, people have carried out research work on fiber surface treatment, such as flame oxidation, chemical corrosion, low temperature plasma treatment and so on, in order to overcome this shortcoming of UHMWPE fiber.

EN-388 test

Our cut resistant ankle cuffs meet the European standard EN 388:2016+A1:2018 – ‘Protective gloves against mechanical risks’ has now been published to supersede EN 388:2003. General-purpose protective gloves account for the largest market share of all personal protective equipment (PPE) sold and protect wearers from a wide range of hazards. To assist wearers with the selection of appropriate gloves, several European safety standards – including EN 388:2016+A1:2018 – have been developed, enabling levels of protection against different risks to be defined. These defined levels of protection enable appropriate gloves to be selected, based on the hazards and risks identified for a specific work activity.

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