The BONT Pro Jig Starter Kit is all you will ever need. Bont Pro Jig is designed to fit all brands of blades on the market and is the only jig you will ever need.
The jig is designed in Canada by Gaël Doucet-Gagnon and manufactured by BONT.
It is light, strong, compact and will not affect the curvature of your blades when sharpening.
It’s easy to assemble and take apart, which is great if are going to competitions.

This Starter Kit Includes.

Your choice of either 

1 NORTON JUM3 or IM2 oil bench stone

1 XB1 Norton 133ml Sharpening oil
Norton Oil is a highly refined lubricating oil.
Specially formulated for use with Norton’s whetstone and is ideal for all lubrication jobs.
It will not “gum” up sharpening stones in addition it complies with American Pharmacopoeia standards  and Can be used around food preparation operations due to the purity of mineral oil.

1 fine DMT sharpening stone (red)
A portable enhancement to any tool kit is the Mini Diamond 70mm stone in DMT's
 signature dot pattern. Fast edge repair anywhere. Sharpening with diamonds is 
quick and easy. Use water to protect your stone when sharpening.

1 Kill Burr 
The Dutch secret you won't want to live without! No more slipping, no need for bandages for your fingers! 
This super cool invention combines the magic of cutting carbide burrs into a finger-saving case. 
It stays square to ensure a perfect edge every time. Automatically adjusts to different blade thicknesses. 
Created and produced in the Netherlands by Goud-Sport. This one is a must have in every sh
Sharpening kit! 

Want to know how to set up, sharpen and de-burr with your new kit? 
Check out our Skate Sharpening Tutorial. 

 Lastly you can find all out jigs and sharpening kits here.




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