Bont Patriot Krypton Package

The Bont PATRIOT Boots  have the upper part made of composite materials. with a fiberglass hull. Excellent for beginners or club boots. Stiffness index: medium. Thermo moldable.

Discover the advanced features of the Patriot for short track – a mid performance boot crafted with composite materials. Heat moldable for a snug fit, enhanced with a lace cover and velcro strap for added support. A stunning choice for a beginner boot – plus, you can get even greater savings with club pricing!


Krypton blades 15″-17″

Engineered as an agile, responsive, and durable blade

A high value product offering excellent quality at a more affordable price point

Krypton tube technology implemented into the 12C27 model

The 12C27 is durable steel, which maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness.

12C27 is manufactured to the same specifications and tolerances as our PM and Bi-metal runners

Designed in Canada and engineered in Holland

Premium quality Dutch sourced aluminum and 12C27 steel

Pre Bent

Evo’s innovative cup system provides strong mounting interface with simple and efficient set-up and adjustment

Now at a closeout price on in stock Boot sizes 40, 41.5, 42, 43, and 45.

Now a Video on Heat Molding you Bont Boots. 

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