Self Centering Bearing Spacers 608 Inline

The Self Centering Bearing Spacers 608 Inline, made from Aluminum. Skate Bearing Spacers.

DO NOT ORDER SPACERS BECAUSE YOU LIKE THE COLOR read below to know what you need to know before you order the color.

Self Centering 608 Aluminum Inline Skate Bearings:

Aircraft-grade aluminum, very lightweight. Self-centering flange, for use with standard 608 inline skate bearings in standard hub wheels and 8mm axles. Sold by the individual spacer.

Your bearings are only as good as your spacers.  The job of the spacer is to push the bearings apart to allow for a better free spin.  Because the tolerances are so tight, and every wheel brand or bearing brand has slightly different dimensions we offer several size options to ensure the correct fit.

A few things you should know about Inline Skate Bearing Spacers:

Some wheel manufacturers do not make their bearing seats exactly 10mm apart which is the standard for inline speed wheels.  When a skater uses these types of wheels and tightens their axles, the wheel will not spin properly if using a spacer that is too short.  In addition to the possible inconsistency of wheel hubs, bearing spacers can also become shorter over time due to wear or compression and should be replaced.  To solve the problem, we offer different length spacers.

The standard length of bearing spacers is 10.11-10.33mm and will work with most wheels.  Most inline speed skaters choose to use the standard length to ensure they have “free spin”. If you notice a clicking sound as you skate, this is indicative of a spacer that is slightly longer than necessary.  The clicking may only be coming from some of your wheels.

It is good practice to have a variety of spacers on hand to find the right fit for your wheels.

A few things you should know about Aluminum Hubs vs. Plastic Hubs:

A plastic hub bearing hole flexes, therefore it can be made slightly smaller than the bearing so when you insert the bearing in the hole, it doesn’t fall back out.  With an aluminum hub, if the bearing hole is a fraction too small, the bearing will probably go in but will be difficult if not impossible to remove.  Most aluminum hub bearing hole tolerances are set at -0.00 +0.02mm.  What that means is that the bearing hole cannot be manufactured too small but it can be up to a maximum of 0.02mm larger.  In an aluminum hub wheel, you should expect a little bit of noise from the steel bearing clicking against the aluminum hub and the bearing may easily fall out in your hand.  Don’t be worried if you experience this as performance is not compromised.

The 608 inline self-centering spacers for 608 bearings come in three styles. The Bont Red and Black spacers are 10.05mm; the Gold spacer is 10.2mm; the Silver spacer is 10.35mm. The Gold and Red spacers are for aluminum hub wheels. It is worth noting if you are using the Red or Black spacer and the wheel does not turn, you will need to change to the Gold spacer. It is good practice to have a variety of spacers on hand to find the right fit for your wheels.

You need 1 spacer per wheel. Sold individually (1 piece)

Suggested Use:

  • Red Spacers 10.05mm – Red Magic Hardcore wheels
  • Black Spacers 10.05mm – Red Magic Hardcore wheels
  • Gold Spacers 10.20mm – Avenger Hardcore wheels
  • Silver Spacers 10.35mm – Any plastic hub wheels

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