NORTON Sharpening Stone Oil XB1 133ML

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NORTON Sharpening Stone Oil XB1 133ML

NORTON sharpening stone oil XB1 133ML NORTON sharpening oil XB1 is a highly refined lubricating oil, specifically formulated for sharpening stone use. Equally ideal for all lubricating jobs it will not load or “gum-up” sharpening stones

Moreover it meets U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards may be used around food preparation operation.

Equally Important Never use Arkansas or aluminum oxide stones without a lubricating oil.

This is an excellent honing, light mineral oil to keep metal particles from glazing the stone. 4.5 fl oz. 133 ml

Made in the USA.

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Norton line of sharpening stones provide top-flight performance and optimum edges to speed skate  blades a quality sharpening product.
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