EVO ARGON PM Short Track Blade

$724.99 CAD


EVO Short Track Blades

Total: $724.99


EVO ARGON PM Short Track Blade

The EVO Argon PM Blade provides improved grip while maintaining a high level of control. Factory Curved Pre is loved by the best in the world because it provides remarkable stability without compromising feedback. Precision forged pre-bend radius on high quality Argon aluminum tube. Blade with superior gliding qualities and very durable. Equally important Designed in Canada, and made in Holland. Premium aluminum and steel from Holland. Finally one of the best marketing tag lines “Black is the New Gold”. Lastly Evo’s innovative stem system for simple, solid and efficient mounting. Easy adjustment on the boot. Extended (+ 5mm or + 10mm) or angled stems also available Finally Argon PM by EVO Sold by Zt Sports speed skating equipment shop

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