Electronic Bearing Cleaner Bont

The Electronic Bearing Cleaner Bont made spins the bearing and cleans out all the dirt, oil, and even mild rust. For example, simply slip your 688, or 608 inline speed skating bearing onto the cleaner. Dip it in your choice of cleaning solution, and press the red button.

Bont’s Electronic Bearing Cleaner

This is the easiest way to clean your roller skate bearings. It takes around 20 seconds per bearing to clean them. Furthermore the bearing cleaner works with any brand of 608, 688, or 167 sized bearings. Get your inline skate bearings looking like new again. In addition if  you use bearings with a 7mm inner hole we have supplied a 7mm shaft for cleaning 7mm bearings as well.

Want to see the Bearing Cleaner in action?

Lastly i will Fit all 7mm & 8mm bearings which you can see and compare here.



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