Building Strength and Stamina 2nd edition

When Building strength and Stamina you will find home fitness centers and gyms are full of frustrated users looking for a lean and strong physique. Strength and Endurance Building provides the tools to get results in just 30 minutes a day! One of the nation’s leading strength experts is showing the most effective way to gain strength and endurance while burning excess body fat. People who took this program typically increased their strength by around 50% after just two months, and they performed better than with strength or endurance training alone. The proof is clear: building strength and endurance is a powerful and effective tool for anyone who trains regularly. Updated with a full range of free weight workouts, this new edition features exercises and programs to target all major muscle groups, develop high intensity workouts, and get the most out of the equipment at home or to the gym. Building Strength and Endurance includes circuit training and two- and six-month training programs to meet the toughest training goals. This proven program is based on the same principles used in the NFL 10-team conditioning programs. With new free weight exercises, this edition is now appealing to more readers. Now, fitness enthusiasts can maximize their use of free weights and machines at home or at the local club for explosive gains. To a leaner, stronger body in less time, there is no better guide than building strength and endurance.

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