DIAMOND SHEETS 1.5 "Frank s Signature 1.5" Diamond sheets are replacement sheets 
for sharpening plates. 

Frank’s Signature Diamond Sheets are replacement sheets for sharpening plates.
Simply remove the old diamond sheet from the plate and install the new one. The replacement sheets have a sticky side, just remove the protective paper before installing.

To remove the diamond sheet:

  1. Heat the plate with a “heat gun”, we advise to wear gloves to avoid burns.
  2. Pass an x-acto blade between the diamond and the Frank’s Signature plate, we advise to wear Nagano Skate gloves to avoid cuts.
  3. Completely remove the residual glue (with the help of a glue and adhesive remover such as Goo Gone).
  4. Once cleaned and free of glue, dry the board thoroughly.
  5. Install the new diamond sheet.

When choosing your options, note that the larger the number, the softer the stone will be. The black sheet is therefore rougher and the gold sheet softer.

Choosing the grit:
-Black (140)
-Blue (400)
-Red (600)
-Gold (1200)

Lastly, you can find all our diamond sharpening and burr stones here.