Waxed Skate Laces Assorted Amazing Colors and Lengths

These Waxed Skate Laces maintain their tight position better than regular laces.  In Addition they are available in many cool colors. Equally important they are made in Canada.

160cm, 63 ” all colors

183cm – 72″ in Black only

Why Use Waxed Laces?

The wax holds the laces in place and then these  wax laces provide extra friction so that they don’t loosen.

Enable you to tighten a specific area while keeping another part more loose, giving you extra comfort.

If you skate on outdoor natural ice, then wax laces are the perfect addition to your skating kit. The wax ensures that the laces cannot get wet and therefore cannot freeze.

160 cm Assorted colours: Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Red

182 cm Yellow

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