TWIN Rocker Machine

The TWIN Rocker Machine is the most compact and accurate radius sharpening machine available on the market.

In order to achieve the best performances, skaters need to rely on their equipment – and nothing is more important than perfectly rockered blades. With the TWIN Rocker Machine it’s easier than ever to keep and maintain your blades in top condition. World cup teams around the world are relying on the TWIN Rocker Machine for both Short track and Longtrack speedskating.

Easy to use, perfect final result with TWIN Rocker Machine

The TWIN-LT sharpening table is very compact and lightweight. In its fold-up position the sharpening table fits into any sports bag; weighing only 2 kg its transport is very easy. In order to position the table, one folds out its four legs and sets its length, securing an always stable working surface no matter the type of floor surface. Both skates are clamped at the same time with two clamps per side. In order to achieve a symmetric disposition short height levers have been installed and a useful calibration has been applied. With the aid of the micrometer deviations can be detected and polishing activities can be checked.

When the sharpening table is used together with the TWIN radius sharpening machine and the templates with desired radius-profile, sharpening, polishing and deburring will be very easy. After the templates have been clamped, the DREMEL® driven sharpening machine with diamond head can easily be positioned on the guidance. Thanks to the adjustment screw the setting of the grinding height requires little effort. After this the TWIN will do the rest. Move the sharpening machine back and forth practising little pressure, tracking in so doing the radius templates.

The advantage of standard available multitools (the DREMEL® is included in the delivery) is that replacement is easy and relatively cheap, that through the use of batteries operation will be possible without a near power source and that the equipment is suitable for mains voltage of 110~230V and 50/60Hz. Regardless of where you are: in Heerenveen, Hamar ,Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal or Quebec City.

Compact transportation, lightweight for TWIN Rocker Machine

After use the TWIN Sharpening Table can be easily folded and transported in a special carrying case, in which also several templates can be inserted. The radius sharpening machine with its accessories, an extra battery and tools fit into a shoulder bag. The total weight is 7 kg.

A video of the TWIN Rocker Machine.

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