Super Jet 195mm Inline Skate Boots

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Super Jet 195mm Inline Skate Boots

Introducing the Bont Super Jet  195mm– an enhanced version of the world’s favorite inline speed skate:

  1. We’ve boosted the boot’s lightness by incorporating more carbon and less fiberglass into the base.
  2. We’ve replaced the thermoplastic with carbon fiber in the Super Jet, so for those who prefer a super moldable fit, choose the standard Jet.
  3. The Super Jet features a snugger fit around the ankle bone thanks to an added layer of neoprene around the cuff.
  4. Our upgraded Durolite outer skin enhances durability and performance.
  5. We’ve lowered the boot height by 1cm for a sleeker, faster appearance. However, if you prefer a higher cut, custom orders are available.
  6. The padding remains the same as the Jet, making it suitable for new skaters.
  7. The front bumper has been removed to give it a sleek and professional appearance.
  8. We’ve also eliminated the egg-shaped foam padding around the Achilles heel found in the standard Jet.

In summary, the Super Jet offers a lighter and stiffer alternative to the Jet, thanks to superior materials, including more carbon and Durolite. Keep in mind that these improvements come at a slightly higher cost. Available in two stunning colors: Black and Shiny Gold.


  • Base: Carbon composite
  • Outer skin: Durolite
  • Liner: Suede-L
  • Pitch: 12mm
  • Air vents: Top of toes and tongue
  • Innersole: EVA thermo-moldable
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin, but less heat moldable than the standard Jet
  • Padding: Soft memory foam
  • Vegan: Yes



logo for Bont lighter, stronger, faster


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