Personal Trainers Handbook- 2nd Edition

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Personal Trainers Handbook-2nd Edition

Personal Trainers Handbook for starting your own personal training business or wanting to improve your existing practice? With the updated and expanded second edition of the popular The Personal Trainer’s Handbook, you’ll have all the advice and tools you’ll need to succeed.

Like the popular first edition, this easy-to-use reference is written in everyday language and covers everything from designing safe and effective fitness programs to handling even the most difficult clients. You will learn how to achieve personal and financial success as a personal trainer, how to attract and keep clientele, and how to manage taxes and other business issues that are crucial to a personal training business.

With the new edition, you’ll also get a succinct but comprehensive review of exercise physiology that’s directly applicable to your business. This text includes a valuable new CD-ROM with the following features:

·10 reproducible forms you can use and modify to manage the commercial, practical, and legal requirements of your business
·Forms for data collection and record keeping
·Charts and tables for writing the most beneficial exercise program for each client
·Handouts you can print and give to clients to reinforce your training

The Personal Trainer’s Handbook, Second Edition, also features an improved resistance workout guide. The guide contains
·instructions and illustrations for 74 exercises and 17 stretches,
·important reminders to give your clients to ensure ongoing correct form, and
·tips on how to handle or avoid common problems that you or your clients may experience with each exercise.

In addition, the resistance workout guide now contains a handy box on the outer edge of each page that has listings of the primary and secondary muscles and the area of the body worked by each exercise. This will help you quickly locate appropriate exercises for each client.

The author, Teri O’Brien, is a well-known consultant on starting and growing personal training businesses and a former lawyer and personal trainer. She uses a clear, friendly, and entertaining writing style to share a wealth of practical guidance. With The Personal Trainer’s Handbook, Second Edition, you will become a more effective self-marketer, businessperson, motivator, and teacher for your clients

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