ORBITE 360 Exerciser (Pair) Core Dryland Trainer New

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Core Dryland Trainer(PAIR)

The ORBITE 360 Exerciser is sold as a pair. Exercisers to strengthen the abdominal muscle group in great demand among speed skaters.  Furthermore a new tool that gives remarkable and fast results without overloading the training load. Work on neurostimulator and develop stabilizing muscles. A few sessions are enough to see a difference.  Equally Important a  tool that will give you a definite advantage.

A program for each body part

The training system of ORBITE 360 Exerciser offers a repertoire of exercises that affects the whole body: upper limbs, sheathing, lower limbs. The proposed movements work the qualities of joint amplitude, mobility, stability, motor control and force distribution in the limbs.

The movements directory is divided into categories; for each category, the lowest numbers are the simplest to the most complex. Each movement is identified at a level of execution: beginner, intermediate, advanced and Olympic.

Before you start a training program, navigate in the directory to familiarize yourself with the different families of movements and their execution criteria.

More than a hundred videos are at your disposal of ORBITE 360 Exerciser . This step will certainly allow you to make a wise choice about the program that will best meet your needs.

Make sure you have enough space to execute your movements. Aside from the sensations of muscular work, you should not feel pain. If pain occurs during a movement, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

Get in shape and progress while having fun!

Works on your strength and flexibility
Challenges your balance and coordination
Effective on stabilizing muscles
Helps build tonicity and contribute to weight loss (associated with healthy eating)

+ The Orbite 360™ is sold with free online training programs, for best results.

+ Take your Orbites 360™ to the office or on vacation and continue your training ANYWHERE with you !

Suitable for all levels: Beginners – Athletes – PROS

Suitable for all levels, from the age of 12.

5 years guarantee

Finely a Video of the ORBITE 360 with drill and exercise examples.

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