This multifunctional Nagano Skate buff is made of 100% polyester. It is just the right thickness to allow breathing during training on the ice. It can also be used in several other ways such as:

  • Bandana
  • Do-rag
  • Headband
  • Bracelet
  • In the hair
  • And more

Buffs can be 100% customizable with the purchase of a minimum quantity. Email for quote.

Take full advantage for what your Nagano Skate Buff can do. 

Either the Bont or the Nagano Skate Buff will adapt to all your adventures, whether in winter or summer.You can stretch them, fold them, and experience ultimate comfort, whether you wear glasses, or hoods, or have long hair. You choose the position you need, from a face mask to a balaclava. Find out how to wear them and take full advantage of your Nagano Skate Buff below.

Neck Buff

Stretch it, put your head through one opening, and place it around your neck. It’s easy for you to put on, wear, and use for all outdoor occasions. You will be gently wrapped up with your multifunctional Skate Neck Buff, experiencing a seamless hug.


Place the Nagano Skate Buff around your neck and pull it up over your mouth and nose, just like a face mask. When in hot environments, using a half-face mask protects you from the sun. And when the temperatures drop, you can cover yourself with your Skate Buff.


Place it around your neck and then pull it up until it covers your ears, nose, and over half the back of your head. This way, you’ll have the best protection from the sun, cold weather, as well as dust and wind.


Grab the Nagano Skate Buff and stretch it to cover your entire head. Then, pull the neck gaiter under your chin, stretch the second layer, and place it below your eyes. Use it as an extra layer between you and your helmet, to control your hair and keep it away from your eyes, and to feel warm and dry while on the Ice.


Place the Nagano Skate Buff around your neck. Pull it over, covering half of your head or fully, just like a hood. This way, you can prevent heatstroke or brain freeze and enjoy your activity while keeping both glasses and hair securely in place. 


Place the beginning of the neck gaiter on your hairline, leaving the rest of it hanging and fully stretched on the back of your head. This position protects your head and hair while providing extra breathability, thanks to the opening part resting on your neck. It is ideal for hot or cold environments and long skates.


Wrap the Nagano Skate Buff in a knot, then stretch one part of the neck Buff to cover the top of your head. This provides a secure and tight fit, preventing sweat from irritating your eyes and keeping your head cool. Enjoy all ice and Inline sports or Dryland training in your off season with this pirate style.


Turn the Nagano Skate Buff inside out, twist it in the middle, and then flip the second layer over the first one. Once you have the two layers together, place it on your head just like a beanie! With your ears and head covered, it could prevent heat loss in winter if you forgot to wear a toque, or it can be a really cool style to wear with long and medium-cut hair.


Cover your forehead with the Nagano Skate Buff, then half-stretch it so that it can be placed on your hair. It filters UV radiation on your head in the summer, providing protection from extreme climates. Additionally, you can sweat during your workouts without worrying about unwanted drops falling into your eyes.


Fold the Nagano Skate Buff in half with the main design facing out, then place it on your forehead. You’ll never Skate without it thanks to its breathable fabric that keeps sweat off your face, allowing you to focus on your Skating goals. 


Wrinkle the Nagano Skate Buff and then place it on your forehead. It will keep your hair back and prevent sweat from bothering your eyes during your workout. These scarves are ideal for hot or cold environments and for your Skating sessions.


Wear one of our Nagano Skate Buffs with the most iconic style. Turn the neck gaiter inside out, pull a third of the tube over the top of your head, while letting the other end hang loosely at the back.

Check out how to perform these nice and easy positions and wear them for any occasion. Video By the original Buff Manufactures

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