MapleZ Mi-Bender for Short Track blades

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MapleZ Mi-Bender for Short Track blade

MapleZ Mi-Bender, the Mi stands for Maple Intelligent. A new quality standard that is representing a series of new products thought out by intelligent and creative minds.  More over with the idea of changing the future of ice skating for the better.

Direct Pressure:

Mi-Bender does not have a wheel. that always tended to the left side when applying pressure. Mi-Bender works with a new revolutionary system that allows you to push directly downwards,. Thus applying pressure exactly where it’s needed. Furthermore because of this pressure system it is very easy to perfectly amount of pressure. This system makes it very easy  to work with the Mi-Bender and much less power is needed to bend the blade.

The pressure ‘block’ is made out of aluminum and has a wider contact with the blade so that no dents are being made in the tube. On the other hand, dents will more easy go out because of the shape of the pressure block. And of course the aluminum block is more solid and will not wear out as easy as the plastic wheels from the past.

You can use the Mi-Bender on all types of short track blades, since it has the possibility of turning around the place holders and the pressure block, making it compatible for whatever tube you want to bend, without damaging it because of an imperfect fit. So we can easily say it is the most universal bender on the market.

Working with the Mi-Bender is a breeze. It is as stable as a rock, even though it is very light (for a bender) it’s a very solid machine. The Maple Mi-Bender weighs less than 3 kg, what is very convenient for traveling by plane to events.

In Addition a video on Bending and checking blades rocker.

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