Lactate Threshold Training Endurance Performance

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Lactate Threshold Training Endurance Performance

Lactate Threshold Training, whether you are a runner, skier, cyclist, triathlete or rower, as an endurance athlete you need to run and train as fast as possible without hitting the wall because of the high levels of lactic acid in your bloodstream. Elite athletes and coaches know that increasing the lactate threshold is critical to success. Now you can use this knowledge to push your performance to the limit. Lactate Threshold Training is an advanced training guide to help you improve your endurance performance. This innovative book explains the theory behind training and presents practical programs to improve your lactate threshold and run faster than ever. The book also includes a discussion of the use of EPO and the fight against doping in endurance sports. Many elite athletes and coaches use this innovative concept in their training. The book includes: – training programs based on heart rate, – self-assessment tests of the lactic threshold, – scientific guidelines to avoid overtraining, – nutritional advice, and – training examples of elite endurance athletes. Author Peter Janssen, MD, is recognized as one of the pioneers of lactate threshold training. Dr Janssen has developed this comprehensive and comprehensive training manual through research, training and testing of elite endurance athletes. If you want to push your endurance performance to the limit, this is one book you won’t want to miss.

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