Cadomotus Alpha Color Palette Sonic Aero Shell

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Cadomotus Color Palette

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Cadomotus Alpha Color Palette or Sonic Aero Shell

Cadomotus Alpha Color Palette allows you to customise your Alpha or Sonic Aero helmets. Show your true colors, or match you club team’s colors.  In addition add the shield on outdoor marathons for protection from rain or cold. It will help you to keep warm.

Furthermore detach the your Cadomotus Alpha Color Palette when racing in an indoor ice arena and get extra ventilation for your head. (Note…shield required for short track in Canada) Or apart form this detach the shield and then use the helmet for inline or road cycling, taking advantage of the cooling airflow created by the seven minimized air vents.


With these stylish aero shields you can make your Cádomotus skate helmet completely unique, and customizable, as well as more aerodynamic due to the golf ball pattern

At the top of your sport it is all about marginal gains.

The Cadomotus Alpha Color Palette for the Sonic Aero shield is one of these small details that makes huge differences. This shield is mounted on top of an Alpha-2 or Alpha helmet to decrease the drag force by reducing air resistance using the dimpled pattern also known as the golf ball effect.

One of the greatest resistances in inline and ice speed skating as well as cycling is air resistance. That is why all sorts of innovations take place in this area. For example, think of the cycling time trial suits of team Sky and the famous comics that were introduced on the skating suits during the Olympic Games in Nagano. All these innovations are aimed at reducing the turbulence and thus the air resistance.

The golf ball pattern has been applied to the shields to change the character – from laminar to turbulent – of the boundary layer of the airflow. And with that, the so-called wake reduces, giving us important marginal gains.

Totally unique

With the Cadomotus Alpha Color Palette shields you also make your Cádomotus skating helmet completely customizable.

Which color would match your outfit?

These shields can easily be mounted with small hex screws giving you the option to easily change them out and sport the colors you choose. You are also able to seal the ventilation holes allowing you to quickly adjust to different weather conditions.

If you are skating on natural ice outdoor you might want to close them, but if you’re skating indoor, then you may prefer a little more ventilation. Regardless of the conditions, you will be well prepared!

FPVQ & OSSA: Mandatory accessory in competition.

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