BONT HIGHROLLER Inline Speed Skating wheel 110mm It’s All About The Flex

The Bont HIGHROLLER has the highest rebound and longest wear of any wheel on the market. It is a super long lasting wheel which is very important for long races.

At the end of a 42km marathon, these wheels still look brand new. A high amount of rebound is important for energy return.

If you are ever at a race and not sure which wheel to use, this is the one to choose. It has the best all around qualities of any wheel in our range.

In its first year on the pro circuit, the HIGHROLLER WON more World Inline Cup races than any other wheel.

What you get with the HIGHROLLER is a wheel that is made with a one piece hub, with tight bearing seats, and very tight quality control.

It has a great balance of grip and speed and you can use it on any outdoor surface. This is the wheel of choice for Team Bont/Arena at most roads that they will race on.

Made in: USA
Application: Dry outdoor road or concrete surfaces
Diameter: 80mm, 84mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm
Hardness: 85A
Bearing size: 608

Review: Bont G4 High Roller Red 100mm 85A

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