The Skate-Tec Junior Helmet short track speed skating helmet. It's size X-Small (52-56cm). 
It has a buckle for micro-adjustment at the back of the head for added comfort. 
Whats More It meets ATSM standards.

Lastly Skate-Tec is the new brand in the world of speed skating which is launched by the ST Manufacturing group. 
In addition they will soon have a full line of accessories and gear for speed skating. 
Furthermore His experience as a manufacturer will allow him to offer quality products all over the world.
  • Construction légère avec aspect carbone
  • Réglable de XXs à XS (48-52cm)
  • Rapport d’essai SGS GZHG1203005770HM
  • Casque certifié ISU
Size XS 52-56 cm
Lastly additional colors and styles of helmets here.