Maple Curvado PB Blades Maple Short Track Blade  Speed ​​Skating Blades
 Curvado PM use the same high quality standards as Maple blades
 Gold and Maple Duro, but the Maple Curvado PM (Powder Metal) blades are glued
 1mm deeper in the tube making them more stable. Maple blades
 Curvado PM have been designed with a prepared radial curve, so they require
much less initial folding and maintenance. It also allows the blades
Curvado PM to stay stiffer longer. Made with skates
1.10mm bimetallic powder metal hardened to 64 HRC, Maple blades
 Curvado PM offer you a better glide on the ice. Curvado blades
 PM are also glued 1mm deeper into the tubes than most
short track blades, making them more stable on the short track.
 And the Curvado PM blades come with tubes and cups in
 durable aluminum. Maple has also made the Curvado PM blades user-friendly
with marking dots divided by one inch on the entire tube.
These marking points allow you to more easily note the rock and bend of the Curvado.




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