Today's short track champions skate on Maple Gold short track speed skating blades. Golden Maple Blades are the speed skating blades of choice for Olympic champion Apolo Ohno, as well as for the Korean national team. Maple Gold Short Track blades feature integrated cutting posts, allowing for a constant and unprecedented bend radius. The Gold Blades also feature extra stiff 7000 series alloy tubing and 1.10mm bimetal slides hardened to 64 HRC. Maple Gold blades not only give you optimum flexibility, but also more control and stability on the ice.

Maple Gold short track speed skating blades hold more current world records than any other short track speed skating blades and are the most widely used speed skating blades on the Short World Cup circuit. track.

1.10mm bi-metal slides hardened to 64 HRC
7000 series gold anodized aluminum tubes
7000 series black anodized aluminum cups
Available in 6.5 inch spacing in the following sizes: 17" and 17.5" ONLY