This wobble board tri-level is 16-inch board for balance exercises, Pilates, and core strength development. Coaches from world training centers acknowledge it’s benefits.


Our wobble board tri-level board has a diameter of 36cm (16) and height of 5.5cm (2.2). The fitness balance board weighs 565g (19.9oz).

Our balance trainer comes in black and is made from durable and heavy-duty easy clean polypropylene plastic.

  • Our wobble board tri-level board is designed to generate small board tri-level muscle movements to improve balance and coordination, while also stimulating strength and stability through your workouts.
  • Our exercise balance board is a flat disc platform with a non-slip top surface and rounded raised centred base that forces instability and tilting to encourage compensating muscle movements and controlled weight equilibrium during your sessions.
  • Our balance trainers are great for strengthening your lower body with standing exercises stimulating your feet, ankles, legs, and core. Our gym balance board can be used with upper body exercises to complement push ups, planking, yoga, Pilates and more.
  • Our core balance wobble board is suitable for both men and women, great for the gym, at home or on the go and easily fits in a large bag for transport or for home storage. Warning: Adults use only. Product is not suitable for children under 14. Only suitable for persons weighing under 160kg/352lbs.

Are wobble boards good?

Wobble boards are simple and easy to use, making them a great option for people of all fitness levels. They can be used at home, in the gym, or even at work, and can be used for a variety of exercises, including balance exercises, yoga poses, and even cardio workouts.

Do you lose weight on a wobble board?

Not only can you improve your balance with your wobble board, but you can additionally lose weight with your balance board. While your board isn’t primarily designed for weight loss, it can help you do so. That’s because exercising on the balance board works both your surface and deep muscles.

How long should you stay on a wobble board tri-level?

On your wobble board, to improve your ankle proprioception, try each of these drills for 2 minutes each: Stand feet shoulder width apart, and rock the board forwards and backwards.

Stand feet shoulder width apart, and rotate the wobble board round so that the edge of the board is always in contact with the Floor.

In addition TOP 10 Wobble Board Exercises for Balance & Strength.

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