ULTIMATE EDGE SHARPENING JIG Ultimate precision, ultimate feature, ultimate results.
Ultimate Edge includes vertical stops for leveling the blades.
Which ensures positioning them with precision. Moreover ensures unparalleled parallelism.

In addition it includes quick couplers to easily mount the blades and vertical stops. 
Allows you to maintain a precise fit while sharpening to achieve the perfect "edge". 
It is constructed from lightweight aluminum with a ceramic anodized corrosion resistant finish.

Blade vertical locators for preciously positioning skate blades. Quick release locking handles.

Also featured are the quick release locking handles to clamp blades and set vertical locators. Easy to set up and use. saves time and maintains the precise setup so you get the “ultimate edge” every time you sharpen your skates.

This is the last sharpening jig you will ever need.

Made in the U.S.A. of lightweight aluminum.

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