Transpack Edge Skate Backpack Water Resistant

$99.99 CAD


Transpack Edge Skate Backpack

The Transpack Edge Skate Backpack may be the most popular Transpack model with a lightweight and rugged design. In addition the Edge offers a durable water resistant construction that will get your skate gear to the rink or the oval  through all types of weather. Get ready for any adventure with the Isosceles Storage System’s durable and then the water resistant fabric, ensuring your gear stays safe and dry.

 The Ultimate Gear Guardian!

The Transpack Edge Skate Backpack boasts the revolutionary Isosceles Storage System. Ensuring a truly organized and efficient packing experience. With designated compartments for your skates, helmet, and gear, you’ll never have to scramble to find your essentials again. Plus, its durable and tough fabric guarantees long-lasting use no matter how rough your traveling to the rinks get. Stay ahead of the game with the Transpack Edge  your ultimate gear guardian!

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