Thermo mouldable Carbon Shin guards

The Bont Pro Thermo Mouldable Carbon Shin Guards is designed for professional athletes yet is suitable for all levels. Manufactured with superior performance carbon layers which intern will disperse the impact.

Carbon Mouldable Shin Guards With elastic velcro strap

Size :

Small : 140mm

Medium : 165mm

Large : 190mm

Thermo mouldable Carbon Shin guards Pro Version By Bont

Pro shin guards

The Bont PRO thermo-mouldable shin guard is designed for professional athletes yet is suitable for all levels. They are made with superior performance carbon layers which disperse the impact.

These PRO shin guards are totally thermo-mouldable just like the BONT boots.

The slimline design and superior protection allow for maximum comfort.

The PRO shin pad protection is suitable for short track skating and outdoor action sports: roller skating, roller derby, park skating, inline, skateboard, BMX, Soccer and scooter.

The Shin Guards are coming with a removable elastic velcro strap

Size: Small (14cm), Medium (17cm), Large (20cm)

Color: Black


We source our ice speed skate carbon exclusively from the world’s #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. The carbon base of Bont short track and long track boots is made by hand by sandwiching different types of carbon. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear. The carbon is embedded with epoxy thermosetting resin.


Bont Formulated a resin for ice speed skates that is super stiff, yet becomes moldable at low temperatures. In addition a fast cure time which is critical. Bonts resin becomes soft at just 60°C (140°F) which is the lowest in the industry. Once you heat the resin, mold the boot, and let it set, it is permanently set without the need to remold. Furthermore you can also reheat the resin as many times as needed.

The temperature of the air and the amount of humidity are critical in determining the amount of hardener that needs to be added to the resin.  Bont uses a computer that mixes the resin and hardener together and dispenses the resin after measuring the air temperature and humidity.

In contrast most other manufacturers use a process known in the industry as pre-preg. This is where the resin is “pre-impregnated” into the carbon fiber. In virtually all applications, and then the resin is chosen by the carbon fiber manufacturer, not by the skate manufacturer. The Boot manufacturer has no way of altering the resin to meet the heat mold ability requirements of modern skate boots. Moreover that is why they require very high temperatures just to make the boots slightly heat moldable.

Thermo mouldable Carbon Shin guards heat molding instructions here

Equally Important Short Track Shin Guards is one of the Mandatory safety items.

Should be noted FPVQ & OSSA: Mandatory accessory in competition.

Lastly full selection of Lower Body Protection located here.



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