SKATE-TEC NAGANO Short Track Blade

The Skate-Tec Nagano Short Track blade has the feel reminiscent of the old Maple Gold PB and the MapleZ Gold. But with a “runner” and a “pre-bent” found on the M-Wave, Argon and QuarQ models. Furthermore this  means exceptional glide and Constant “pre-bent”. The blade features the same concepts and construction as MapleZ Gold with a new gloss finish.

Gold to Evo to Nagano

Some skaters have tried to switch from the MapleZ Gold to the EVO blade line. Many were able to do so, but a handful of skaters found the transition to be difficult. At this time, MapleZ Golds are no longer in production. Rest assured, Skate-Tec has their skaters covered through the creation of the Skate-Tec Nagano. Designed by the designer and founder of Maple, this blade features all the same concepts and construction as the MapleZ Gold, with a shiny new finish!

The top of the Nagano is curved from the tip to the back. The curved tip distributes the stiffness to where it is needed most; in the middle. Having a curved top makes the tube hold its form better, while keeping enough flex for control.

Skate-Tec develops all its products through constant testing and innovation. We use only premium materials, the highest quality manufacturing processes and implement advanced designs. Skate-Tec strives to provide the best skating products through collaboration with top athletes and coaches.

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