The Skate-tec M-Wave Firm blade offers superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel. Moreover the Firm version is the most sure-footed blade we currently make. Providing the highest amounts of skating pressure, so you can power into the ice with confidence. in addition the new M technology for cup mounting has 3 attachment points, offering increased rigidity and a better feel.

Blade Name: Skate-Tec M-Wave Firm
Tube: 7000 Aluminum anodized tube
Pillar height: 38mm
Tube height: middle 25,5mm
1,1mm thick, 62HRC Powder Metal
Blade: 62HRC Powder Metal maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
Type of bent: Pre-bent
Stiffness: Hard

Your Choice of Cup Height 0, +3, or +5

Superior Grip

The ST M-Wave blade offers superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel. The new “M” mounting technology has 3 mounting points for increased rigidity and better feel.  Furthermore the Flex Flat Top version is the most flexible, you’ll feel the blade spinning on the ice for you and generate pressure. Ideal for lighter skaters or those who like to feel the blade working for them. The Flex Flat Top blade is even more flexible than the standard Flex. The Firm is the firmest of the three models. It is therefore suitable for the heaviest skaters.

  • Name of the blade: ST M-Wave – Firm
  • Available Models: Firm, Flex or Flex Flat Top
  • Tube: Anodized aluminium tube 7000
  • Height: 36mm / 38mm
  • Blade: 1.1mm thick, 62-64HRC Bi-Metal for Flex or PM for Firm
  • Blade: 62-64HRC maintains excellent edge quality and
  • Pre-Bend
  • Height of the blade: +1mm for Flex and +3 for Firm
  • More info at:
  • Sizes 16″ to 18″
  • Available cups: -2mm to +6mm
  • Order of rigidity:
    1. Firm
    2. Flex
    3. Flex Flat Top

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