SKATE-TEC M-WAVE Firm Short Track Blade

$949.99 CAD



The Skate-tec M-Wave Firm blade offers superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel. Moreover the Firm version is the most sure-footed blade we currently make. Providing the highest amounts of skating pressure, so you can power into the ice with confidence. in addition the new M technology for cup mounting has 3 attachment points, offering increased rigidity and a better feel.

Blade Name: Skate-Tec M-Wave Firm
Tube: 7000 Aluminum anodized tube
Pillar height: 38mm
Tube height: middle 25,5mm
1,1mm thick, 62HRC Powder Metal
Blade: 62HRC Powder Metal maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
Type of bent: Pre-bent
Stiffness: Hard

Your Choice of Cup Height 0, +3, or +5

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