Nagano skate starting package diamond sharpening set is all you will need to get you started.  They are frank’s Signature diamond plate. they are a revolution in the world of speed skating sharpening. Furthermore it requires no lubricant and no maintenance. A simple wipe of a dry cloth to clean it.

The set includes: -1 two-sided sharpening plate 2″ Blue 400 – Red 600 

And the choice between:
– Frank’s Signature 2-sided Blue-Red diamond de-burring plate (400-600). Dimension of 1″ X 1″ mounted on anodized aluminum plate.
-1 Frank’s Signature flexible de-burring tool Red (600-600)

First Frank’s 2-sides folding diamond de-burring plates will allow you to remove the burr on both sides of your blade at the same time.

Second these 1″ x 1″ plates are mounted on a flexible surface to fit the shape of the blade.

First blue and red plates represent  the heart of sharpening. This set is the first product to get you to go to diamond sharpening. Frank’s Signature diamond plates are simply the best diamond sharpening products on the market and the most durable. In addition the high quality diamond is positioned on dies to ensure uniformity of the surface and therefore optimal and consistent results for sharpening.

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Next here is a link to a YouTube video where Frank explains in-depth the Nagano Diamond Plates. 

Lastly in addition you can find all our diamond sharpening and burr stones here.