Nagano Pro White Gloves 2.0

Second generation of our very popular white gloves.

Designed by Nagano Skate, they are very light weight, ultra comfortable, perfectly fit the shape of the hand.

They are “moldable” with a little heat and pressure between the fingers.

Repels water under and on the hand, dries very quickly.

Level of protection against lacerations: 4+ (on a scale of 1 to 5) Material: HPPE- High Performance Poly-Ethylene from our Imperium Nagano.

Sizes (Elastic):  

  • XXXS (Orange)
  • XXS (Green)
  • XS (Blue)
  • S (Yellow)
  • M (Red)
  • L (White)
  • XL (Black)
  • XXL (Grey)
  • Lastly you can see all our Short Track Gloves here.




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