Nagano Blade Bi-Metal

Nagano Blade Bi-Metal by Skate Tec is the best blade when it comes to quality-price. This blade is a reminiscent sensation of the Maple’s Gold Blades but with a runner and pre-bend found on the M-Wave, Argon and QuarQ models, which means exceptional glide and consistent pre-bend.

At only 589.99$ for a pair compared to 699$ products, you can’t really make a bad decision. We highly recommend them.


  • Blade Name: Nagano
  • Tube: 7000 Aluminum anodised tube
  • Pillar: Hight 36mm
  • Tube Hight: middle 24mm
  • Blade 1,1mm tick: 62HRC Bi-Metal or PM on demand
  • 62HRC Bi-Metal or PM on demand maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
  • Bi-Metal Blade: Good glide and more resistant to contact than PM
  • Type of bent: Pre-bent
  • Stiffness: Medium
  • Sizes 15.5” to 17.5”

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