MPC Turbo-8 XXFirm Inline Speed Wheels

$30.00 CAD


MPC Turbo-8 XXFirm
MPC Turbo-8 XXFirm  all new TURBO series are the result of intensive R&D works in the MPC lab in the USA. Final testing took place at the World Champions in Korea in 2011 which resulted in 4 gold medals on the track. World champions on Road War TURBO are: Bart Swings, Pedro Causil, Andres Munoz, Carlos Perez and Peter Micheal.

TURBO wheels have a brand new hub that offers more stability than ever before. The chemical bonding to the urethane is guaranteed even for the most powerful skaters. Abrasion resistance is improved once again, so you can use a single set in more than just a few races. The rebound is still the best out of all racing wheels, MPC engineers have accomplished this by tweaking and optimizing the compound of the inner band and its dimensions.

TURBO wheels are the latest development from MPC Speed Skating  engineered specifically for high-speed racing. The Road War rolls with unequalled rebound in a straight line. Furthermore keeping you at full speed throughout your push. With an optimized footprint for more grip only when and where you need it.

Roll EX-EX-FIRM when race conditions are perfect: hard, smooth and fast!

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