MARCHESE GAUGE MITUTOYO Premium used by Olympic World Cup athletes and National teams. In addition coaches and then clubs around the world. Allowing precise measurement of the cradles/rockers and then curvatures/bends of short track and long track blades.

It’s been twenty five years now since Paul Marchese sketched his first draft. Paul fashioned the first handheld radius gage. This is now the benchmark gauge that all others aspire to.  Incorporating a precision dial to accurately measure and interpret the curvature of both the blade’s radius and bend. Today we talk of radius numbers in tenths of one thousandth of an inch. Coaches chart numbers to see radius/bend designed to created  the optimum“footprint”on ice for each individual athlete.

Moreover this product is from the mind and hands of one individual, Paul Marchese. All gauges now follow in the design of his first device.

MARCHESE PREMIUM MITUTOYO GAUGE is milled from solid aerospace grade aluminum billet and precision machined with custom made tungsten carbide inserts to provide many years of trouble free service.

Included: Mitutoyo gauge, a flat tungsten carbide point, calibration straight edge, radius/bend chart, and instructions.

Findlay checking your bend and rocker working with a Radius Gauge YouTube clip.

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