MAPLE SL800 Long Track Boot BFT Closeout

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MAPLE SL800 Long Track Boot BFT Closeout

The MAPLE SL800 Long Track Boot are a step up from the entry-level Maple RL-7000. Maple SL-800 Long Track Boots are Maple’s intermediate-level boots. Their design for advanced speed skaters. They are wider, more anatomical boots, providing a preformed heel-cup and tendon area.

In addition Maple’s SL-800 Boot also feature Barefoot Technology (BFT) . A microfiber lining for optimal fit and grip. Insuring your foot won’t move around when you skate. The low cuff and Achilles cut-out height gives the SL-800 Boots better ankle flexion on the ice.

Furthermore the Hot Water Molding Technology uses hot water to evenly heat the boot, giving you a custom, uniform fit. Maple’s SL-800 Boots are made from carbon fiber and fiberglass construction, giving you boots that are not only lightweight, but strong as well.

The boot fits perfectly to your foot after molding with the traditional oven method.

The shoe is made up of carbon and glass fiber. The Barefoot technology provides additional comfort. The anatomically shaped boot is equipped with a smooth inside lining to ensure a perfect fit without bumps.

REG 479.99$ CLOSEOUT $279.99 Size 38 and 42 only.

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