Maple Nordic Clip on Blade Chrome

$269.99 CAD


Total: $269.99


Maple Nordic Clip On Blade

The Maple Nordic Clip on Blade – CR has the same chrome runner as the Maple Blizzards clap blade and has a hardness of 56 to 58 HRC and then a blade thickness of 1.1 mm. Furthermore the aluminum is 7000 series. Great clip on skate for the natural ice enthusiast. The Maple Multi Skate is the blade for long skates on outdoor ice. Reduced weight thanks to the unique T shape. Moreover with a nice round tip to glide over cracks with ease.
In addition Blade is delivered with the tips rounded and then blade sharpened.

Comfortable, easy to use and fast… Attach the Multi-Skate blades to your cross-country ski boots and hit the river! Effortlessly you’ll go the distance making fun of bumps, cracks and even snow! No need to sit down to attach your skates… One click and you’re off!

7000 series steel
56 to 58 HRC
1.1 mm
The chassis excluding bond has a height of 41 mm.

Binding sold separately.

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