Luigino P-51 Pilot Featherweight 3X110 1×100

$199.99 CAD



Luigino P-51 Pilot Featherweight 3X110 1×100 Low Profile 195 

Luigino P-51 Pilot Featherweight Speed frame is by far the strongest and most resilient frame that Luigino has ever made. Furthermore with the Featherweight, they have the existing P-51 pilot made an astonishing 33 grams lighter (12.90″3×110 1×100 Low Profile frame).
In addition the P-51 Pilot Featherweight remains stiff, as there are no bridges or braces removed while still ensuring consistent wall, bracing and platform thickness throughout.
Hi-Low Pro

Size Available: 12.9 3X110 1×100 Low Profile 195 mount | 224g

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