Luigino P-51 Pilot Featherweight 3X110 1×100

$199.99 CAD



Luigino P-51 Pilot Featherweight 3X110 1×100 Low Profile 195 

Luigino P-51 Pilot Featherweight Speed frame is by far the strongest and most resilient frame that Luigino has ever made. Furthermore with the Featherweight, they have the existing P-51 pilot made an astonishing 33 grams lighter (12.90″3×110 1×100 Low Profile frame).
In addition the P-51 Pilot Featherweight remains stiff, as there are no bridges or braces removed while still ensuring consistent wall, bracing and platform thickness throughout.
Hi-Low Pro

Size Available: 12.9 3X110 1×100 Low Profile 195 mount | 224g

Pilot – P51-Featherweight improved design!

A little detail that makes the Featherweight frame stand apart from the rest? The Gun-metal Polish finish! Along with the new look, Luigino increased strength through improved design and materials. They have removed the recessed window, putting strength back into the arch to ensure strong points.

P-51 Featherweight Frame Sizes:

  • 12.00-4X100-165/195mnt
  • 12.40 4×100 195 mt
  • 13.20-4X110-195mnt

Features include;

  • Frame Material: 7000 T6 aircraft aluminium alloy
  • Shoe Mounting Slot Distance: 195mm
  • Front Deck Height: 45.5mm
  • Rear Deck Height: 56.5mm
  • Frame Manufacturing: CNC-milled double void extrusion
  • Frame Finishing: Gunmetal Grey

Pilot has been successful over the years, winning numerous world titles and countless marathons and indoor championships. Pilot Racing Frames continue to innovate and evolve as one of the top racing frames worldwide.

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