LUIGINO KIDS BONT UltraSprint Adjustible Package

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With the LUIGINO KIDS BONT UltraSprint Adjustible Package many top players have started on Luigino’s adjustable Mini Challenge! It is the best-selling skating shoe for young skaters. The shoe is adjustable in 4 sizes, making it very suitable for fast growers!

In terms of quality, this is the best shoe on the market with high-end specifications such as:
– Wax laces
– Spider buckles for extra sturdy closure
– Sturdy and shaped sole of the foot
– Extra firm padding around the ankles for extra support

LUIGINO KIDS BONT UltraSprint Adjustible Package

Adjusting the shoe is done via the mounting points at the bottom. This makes it a bit more work to adjust them, but this does not outweigh the extra strength this provides. Furthermore, with other adjustment systems, such as a rotary knob, you see that they break quickly.

Supplied with Bont UltraSprint Blade

Made specifically for kid’s growing feet, the Luigino Mini-Challenge means no need to worry about buying a new pair of quality skates every six months.
Because children’s feet are not fully developed, they require a special consideration during their juvenile ages. With that thought in mind, Luigino has developed an adjustable speed inline boot specifically on a kid’s last {the shape of the boot}. They focused on merging function and style while making sure that performance remained at the high level expected of a Luigino Challenge.

The shoe can also be used together with an inline skate frame.
The ideal set for the young skater.

sizes 34-37



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