EHS Chrome Long Track Blade

The EHS Chrome Long Track Blade is a cost effective entry level long track blade.

EHS’s entry level clap offers a quality package for a cost effective price with the added option of  165/195 spacing to fit short track or inline boots.

  • First the tube is crafted from high a quality aluminum used in the aircraft industry.

  • Second the proprietary Arc shaped lip creates flex under the hinge which results in a natural and effortless steering of the blade.

  • Then the stainless runners are ground and hardened to precise tolerances.

  • Furthermore the runners are cut with a standard 24m rocker radius.

  • In addition the bridges CNC machined from high quality single block aluminum

  • Besides a durable damping and spring systems

  • Can accommodate size 32-48 boots and with 16.0-18.0” blades

  • Available blade lengths 13.0-18.0”

Lastly they also available with 165/195 Bridge mounts for Short track or Inline boots.

Manufactured in the Netherlands!

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