These EHS Blade Soakers keep your blades free of rust with the EHS Soakers!

The covers are made of a lined, cut resistant fabric and have a soft terry cloth interior.

The terry cloth ensures that moisture is absorbed and offers your skates optimal protection.

Boasting a highly-absorbent Terry-Cloth interior,  and then you’ll be protecting your blades from corrosion.

Furthermore a Super Thick terry lining, in addition a  REINFORSED TOE and HEAL. Giving these soakers a long life in protecting blades.

Available in 2 sizes:

Small/Medium : 13.0” – 15.5”

Large/XLarge: 16.0” – 18.0”


 Size For Use with:
Small/Medium 13.0″-16.0″
Medium/Large 16.5″-18.0″

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