EHS ACS STAY BENT Short Track Blades

$729.99 CAD


Bi-Metal Steel

PM Steel

Total: $729.99



EHS ACS STAYBENT SHORT TRACK BLADE Pre-bent model provides the most stiffness  of the ESH Blades but still ample amounts of grip in the turns.

  • Furthermore made from the highest-grade aluminum from the Netherlands
  • Premium Austrian sourced PM or Bi-metal steel runners prepared to the industry’s highest tolerances
  • Not to Mention Re-enforcement beams at the cup mounts to increase stability and control
  • And Then Assembled in house by the craftsmen  Hagen Techniek
  • Lastly cups are constructed from lighter and higher strength aluminum for added stiffness and durability

-Successor to the Argon

-Most firm model blade

-Smooth grinded Kromkamp steel

-Available Bi-metal or PM

-Trusted hard aluminum alloy keeps the bent

-Very precise pre-bent

-Proven quality


Manufactured in the Netherlands!

Kim Boutin and the CDN ladies 500m 1/4 final Beijing 2022 on EHS Blades 

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Stay Bent