The  CERAMIC POLISHING STONE Masterlap ultra is an ultra fine ceramic stone with an abrasion index of 8000. The Masterlap is the ultimate polishing tool on the market today.

This ceramic sharpening stone is designed for professional Long track as well as short track skaters. The grit is 8000 which is Super Fine.

This stone is meant to be used as your final polishing while sharpening, either your long or short track blades. Ceramic Polishing stones help you to increase your glide while skating and give you a mirror finish polish.

Furthermore it leaves a perfectly mirror finish and it is indestructible. After having passed the smooth side of your sharpening stone, go directly  and do the final polish  with the Masterlap Ultra. See the phenomenal mirror result and altumate glide.

Most pro Skaters prefer Ceramic Stones for the final polishing to Diamond Stones.

In addition we provide you with suede protective envelope for you Ceramic Master Lap Polishing stone.

Lastly we have large selection of Ceramic stones located here