CBC GENESIS and EVO Argon Package

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EVO Short Track Blades


CBC Genesis


CBC Genesis


Total: $1,399.99
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CBC GENESIS and EVO Argon Package

The CBC GENESIS and EVO Argon Package is ideal for intermediate to advanced skaters looking for an competitive edge.

Here you’ll experience our semi-custom Genesis boot paired with the EVO Argon offering exceptional glide and consistent pre-bend. This boot and blade Package is ideal for skaters who prefer a firmer blade.

Sizes: 36-47

Blades: 16.5-17.5 blades

The GENESIS Short Track model is available in both standard and wide width. Our wide boot is approximately 5 mm wider than the standard. Genesis Wide boots are stocked in sizes 35-46. 

The GENESIS short track speed skating boot is a game-changing high-performance tool designed to bridge the gap between stock and custom footwear.

We have scoured the globe searching for the highest quality materials available. The GENESIS is the result of 10 years of custom boot research and development.

Clients will not be disappointed when fitting the GENESIS for the first time. This boot is design to accept many different foot widths. The foot is cradled in genuine calf leather with the heel softly supported by our memory foam counter.

With the use of Thermal-CSC not only ensures that the user will achieve a better fit out of the box – it also produces a custom experience at a stock price.

We consider the GENESIS to be simply the best stock short track speed skating boot on the market today.

Every aspect of this boot has been mulled over, hashed out, tested and re-tested. This ground breaking skating tool is years ahead of its competition.

If you are serious about your performance but not quite ready to move into a custom boot, then the GENESIS is the boot for you.

Pair the Argon with the CBC Genesis for the ultimate short track speed skating package.

The Evo Argon short track speed skating blade is suited for heavier skaters demanding superior grip while maintaining high levels of control and feel.

Argon blades come with size 0 cups standard, however we have cup sizes ranging from -1 to +5 available. If you would like a cup size other than 0, please specify this in the order notes. Thank you!

Please note that blades come pre-bent, but not rockered. All blades require rockering before skated on. Zt Sports  offers blade rockering services.

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First check out our YouTube tutorial on how to determine your CBC boot size! 

Second  click the Link to the CBC Boot Sizing Tool.

Third , to aid you in measuring your foot tracing a printable 30cm by mm ruler.

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