CADOMOTUS NEO TR2 2-IN-1 frame 11.0″

The CADOMOTUS NEO TR2 2-IN1 Frame is Ultra-lightweight inline frame for kids that takes both 4-wheel and 3-wheels skate setups. Saving weight on your skates improves your foot speed and thus your acceleration! These frames are greatest with the new Bones Reds Big Balls bearings.

Ultra-lightweight inline frame for kids

Ultra-lightweight inline frame for kids that takes both 4-wheel and 3-wheels skate setups. The Neo TR2 Magnesium is the lightest frame on the market; you can save power and gain speed. You can adjust the set-up easily when your kid is growing. Three wheels for a sprint at full speed or four wheels for great cornering skills.

The lighter, the faster. You will be the first on the corner! Learn the double push faster on three wheels.

Become stronger and push off harder on four wheels

Kids grow fast. The Neo Transformer grows with the ambitions of young skaters. Use four small wheels when you want to work on your skills. And when you’re stronger and want to be faster, use three bigger wheels for your first steps towards the top.

Even experienced and strong, professional skaters do everything to save on weight. For children and young skaters has weight an even bigger impact on skills and speed. A skate with three 100 millimeter wheels saves 10% weight compared to a skate with 90-millimeter wheels. Imagine you can save 10% of your energy with every stroke! Skating with a set-up that matches your weight, strength, skills, and flexibility, that’s the idea behind the Neo Transformer.

What is the best choice: 3 or 4 wheels?

Three or four wheels? It all depends on the child. Besides the choice of the number of wheels, you can also vary in wheel diameter. To come to the right decision, you have to experiment. That’s why the Neo Transformer is the best choice for kids. The frame grows with the kids who develop fast; as well physically and technically.

  1. With the 3×90 you are ultra-light and agile, which is good for basic skills.
  2. With the 4×90 you’re more stable and you learn to skate at a higher speed.
  3. With the 3×110 you’re more flexible and light-footed and you can work on your flexibility at a higher speed.

We are the inventors of the transformer frames and we have years of research behind us. That makes Cádomotus the first choice for inline skaters all over the world.  Upgrade your inline speed skate with the Cádomotus Neo TR2 Magnesium




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