Cado Motus Pro 4×100

The Cado Motus Pro 4×100 is PHE: performance-enhancing equipment.


The 4×100 DualBox® V: 

Innovation never sleeps.

The DualBox® V is PHE: performance-enhancing equipment. This is the frame that’s re-defined the future of the sport. Incorporating years of desire for light-weight frames with structural strength and in-the-field responsiveness. The DualBox® V puts top-end performance within every skater grasp. The unique characteristics of the DualBox® design deliver more command and control than any other frame today:

  • Whats More stability – even force distribution
  • Less muscle fatigue – vibration mitigation
  • More control – predictable responsiveness

Cadomotus Pro 4×100, 12.8, 195mm

Furthermore the value of intelligent design comes into play when you’re fully loaded over your skate, and confident that you’ve got the support you need to push to your limit. In addition the innovation brought to this frame is best felt when skating at top-speed on less than ideal road or track conditions. Turn any piece of rough asphalt into a sheet of glass. Equally important it’s a frame that absorbs the vibration of uneven surfaces and returns more power per stride.  Moreover it’s lightweight enough to give your stride and push more freedom, and stiff enough to maintain control of, never getting away from you.

Consistent Power Transfer

The DualBox® V is a lean frame that exposes more wheel.  In addition being carved from a single piece of aluminum that delivers consistent power transfer stiffness and flexibility. With each push you enjoy greater energy return. Driving you forward with an extra speed that you didn’t have to work hard for. In this way, it’s the only frame that gives back beyond the level of your investment, making every push profitable. The power flow you’ll feel from the DualBox® V, through your wheels, and then  into the skating surface is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Design Excellence

A true practical study in design excellence, the DualBox® V is unlike any DualBox that has come before it. It’s next-generation equipment. For next-level performance, powered by the industry-leader in break-through inline speed skating technology. In the DualBox® V, besides  you’ve got the best minds in the sport under your feet, powering your stride, giving you the competitive edge that is the Speed of Intelligent Motion.

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